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Slutty Starbucks

25 Oct

I love this back of Starbucks illustration!


Fab Ciraolo

14 Mar

Fab Ciraolo, a graphic designer from Chile, has a style that is dirty and pretty and uncomfortable and I want his stuff all over my apartment.

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Mens | Women’s

25 Jan

I love this awesome screen print from Simon Walker. It makes me wish I had two separate bathrooms just so I could use these.

Tekserve Brochure

23 Dec

While doing some freelance work in the city, I developed this rough of the inside of a brochure for Tekserve, an amazing company in NYC that does everything apple. I thought it turned out pretty cool for my first venture into info graphics!

Movie Posters

7 Dec

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Not too long after moving to the city I was commissioned to create a few versions of a movie poster for a short film. These are some of my favorites!

New Business Card Design

24 Feb

So I scratched what I had before and went with something more Illustrator heavy and a little more fun. This is what I came up with… and I think (again I think) that I’m really happy with this. It’s funny and shows off my ability to design, not just produce video and photography. *Side note, when printed the turquoise text comes out beautifully, though it’s a little light on these images.

If you have any thoughts, please please PLEASE give me some feedback!

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Photoshop Rap

2 Feb

Ok, I don’t usually like to post things that have been on major blogs like youthedesigner or likecool, but this is so nerdy and funny… I love it!

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